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Who is Lea Loren Jewelry?


Each Lea Loren piece in our Lea Loren Shop is created to the highest possible standard. Each Jewelry is using only the finest 925 sterling silver and real cubic zirconia in the world. The collection's focus is on precious sterling silver and gemstones including cubic zirconia, and pearl. Prices range from $10 to $200. Lea Loren Jewelry more

What is a Synthetic Stones?


The chemical composition of natural gemstones is well known. We have succeeded in many cases to bring the raw materials of precious stones to crystallize, and thus to obtain synthetic stones. Synthetic stones are made from the same raw materials as the real stones. They have the same more

What's important to know about storing jewelry?


Principle should not be stored jewelry wildly. A jewelry box with many compartments and ring bars prevents scratching of polished surfaces and soft stones. Store silver jewelry best airtight (ex. in small plastic bags with zipper) on. This prevents it starts or oxidized. I do not recommend more

What is Rhodium plated silver?


Rhodium Application of rhodium on another metal by electroplating process, excellent to protect the surface. All jewelry is made of white gold rhodium today to get this bright, shiny surface that retains its beauty over time. Many goods are now more

How can I earn money with Lea Loren Jewelry?


Advantages for Lea Loren Jewelry sales-associate:
- You can purchase our choice articles to the base prices
- You define your earnings through your input and effort
- You enjoy our individual service right from the first day

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What's important by production of silver jewelry?


For the production of silver jewelry at the most needed. Silver jewelry is in addition to gold jewelry, the most popular and most supported precious metal. In particular, the youth finds great pleasure in silver jewelry. Whether it's charms as ear plugs with subjects or as sophisticated chains, the bright whitish shining precious metal. But not more

What's important to know about jewelry cleaning?


Have settled over time, body fat, tallow, or cosmetics in the cavities or hollow piece of jewelry, so this also helps smooth the soft toothbrush with a drop of hand soap. In stores you use this, an ultrasound device (a water bath, which is set by using ultrasound waves to vibrate and thus solves the pollution) or a steam radiator (hot water steam is fed more